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ItN is the founder of Ceramic Flat Membrane with 20 years’ R&D experience in nano-coating technology and manufacturing ceramic membranes,  providing the best filtration technology for drinking water treatment plants, municipal and industrial wastewater treatments, sea water desalination, some specific separations in which high temperature or high/low pH is necessary, etc..

With the unique advantages listed below, the ceramic UF technology is not only the best choice to upgrade traditional treatment, but can replace existing polymer membrane (hollow fiber or flat sheet) as well. 

The advanced design concepts enable particular advantages for water and wastewater treatments:

●  High flux rates

●  Small footprint, consistently high quality filtered water 

●  Long life span (20 years)

●  No off-line cleaning (Less labor cost and free of maintenance)

●  Lower operating cost due to lower backwash frequency and chemical

    consumption (Less than 50%)

●  100% flux recovery with Chemical Enhanced Backwash after 10 years


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