Ceramic Ultrafiltration Towers & Racks

 Quick Facts

  • Modularized  Design
  • Integrated diffuser for aeration
  • Flexible arrangement for existing water or wastewater treatment plants, retro fit or new plants
  • Can be delivered in slim fit tanks

  Product Advantages

  • Ability to cater to various project sizes
  • Small projects can be enlarged progressively by adding more towers
  • Simple, fast maintenance and repair by quick access construction

Our single filtration towers can be configured with a variable number of ultrafiltration modules and thus stand out with a highly flexible design.

The filtration racks consist of a variable number of connected filtration towers. Their modular and compact design leads to a very small footprint and makes the racks ideal for use in existing plants.

The picture below shows a rack with four filtration towers consisting of 14 modules per tower.


Racks and towers have an integrated air scouring system, filtered water & backwash piping as well as a sprinkler system.

The filtration towers and racks can also be delivered in a slim fit tank that already contains all inlet and outlet connections as well as a sludge slope. The number of filtration towers or filtration racks per slim fit tank can be adjusted to the project size and customer´s needs.