Cyanide & COD Removal by Ceramic UF

Cyanide and COD Removal with Ceramic UF, CFM Systems®

ItN has developed an innovative process with ceramic ultra filtration flat sheet membranes to remove Cyanide, COD and TSS in one step.

This process has been in operation at the Central Coke Plant in Saarland Province in Germany for more than 2 years and has shown reliable results.

ItN can offer multiple solutions for the removal of toxic substances from water and industrial waste water to deliver high quality water for drinking, reuse or discharge purposes.

 Quick Facts

  • Reference: Coke Plant in Germany for more than 2 years
  • Flexible configuration in package or large scale industrial plants
  • Secure water quality free from Cyanide, COD and TSS to be discharge to water bodies or reused in industrial plants

  Product Advantages

  • TSS removal
  • Cyanide removal
  • COD removal
  • Low maintenance with CFM Systems®
  • Stable robust system 
  • High life time: +20 years

 Target Contaminants

  • Cyanide
  • TSS
  • Bacteria
  • Oil & Grease/Hydrocarbons