ItN founder and nanotechnology specialist returns as R&D consultant (Corporate News | Thursday 26. July 2018)

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Thursday 26. July 2018

Saarbrücken, 26 July 2018. Dr Nonninger, founder and former CEO of ItN Nanovation AG (ISIN DE000A0JL461), yesterday signed a contract for future cooperation as company advisor.

Dr Nonninger, President of "Deutscher Verband Nanotechnologie", shall work closely with ItN as a consultant in the field of Research & Development. His main task shall be to guide ItN efforts towards Ceramic UF performance improvement and development of nanotechnology efficiency in the water filtration field.

Georgios Kodros, CEO of ItN Nanovation AG: "We are pleased that a renowned nanotechnology specialist and expert in the field of the ceramic flat membrane, returns back home. Dr Nonninger, a recognized scientist, who founded the company in 2000, has identified nanotechnology flat ceramic membrane as top choice for water treatment, and therefore, laid the foundation for the future of the company. We are convinced that he will make a significant contribution to the success of ItN and welcome him to the company."


Dr Nonninger will attend the opening ceremony of the “SafBon Ceramic Membrane Institute”, which will be held in Nantong, China, on 03 and 04 August, 2018, as an honoured guest.

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