ItN Nanovation AG acquires order in new field of business inside the mining industry

Wednesday 8. March 2017

  • New field of business: cleaning of mining waste water
  • First order acquired for a borehole in South-Africa
  • The plant will be integrated into a container and shall be in operation in August

ItN Nanovation AG (ISIN DE000A0JL461) has acquired Yesterday (March, 7th 2017) its first order for the cleaning of mining waste water and therefore, has opened up a new field of business application for its ceramic flat sheet membranes.

The borehole in charge is one of forty in operation within an exploration area in South Africa. The boreholes there are flooded with groundwater, which is contaminated with residuals of explosives as well as other chemicals used during operation of the mine. The pumped out water needs to be treated before it is allowed to be discharged into the surface water drain.

ItN has been working already for several months on a cleaning process using its ceramic flatsheet membranes and this process turned out to be superior to alternatives using reverse osmosis during testing.

ItN’s customer is intending to lease the fully integrated plant on site to the mining operator and will operate the plant himself. This so called “lease-and-operate-model” is especially attractive for the mine operator. ItN’s solution is ideal for this type of business of its customer as the plant can easily be moved to different sites.

Further projects in this new field of application using this business model are already under preparation.