Burbach, Germany: Municipal Wastewater Treatment with MBCR

Client: EVS Saarbrücken, Municipality Burbach, Germany
Location: Burbach, Germany
Volume: 50 m³/d

In operation since 2011, this MBCR, Moving Bed Ceramic Reactor, using Ceramic UF, has been operating successfully in cooperation with EVS Saarland. ItN remains operator of the plant, thus ensuring further and ongoing improvement of ItN´s technologies.


NWWEC, Iran: Greywater Treatment with ItN Ceramic UF Membranes

Client: National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company, NWWEC, Tehran, Iran
Location: Tehran, Iran
Volume: 10 m³/d

In Operation since 2017, greywater of the governmental building, National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company, NWWEC, is being treated with ceramic flatsheet membranes for reuse in irrigation and carwashing. The ceramic UF filtration has shown high flux rates and stable performance.